Top Ten Reasons to Attend

  1. Tuition-free public high school.

  2. Individualized pathways for all students to meet their educational and life needs.

  3. Our 4-day week (Monday-Thursday) helps working students and young parents attend school and still gives them time to support their family.

  4. We enroll students on a rolling basis, giving students the opportunity to earn credits towards graduation approximately any time they want to enroll.

  5. Safe and nurturing environment. We avoid the drama of bigger schools, and our small size allows us to really know our students.

  6. Our Newcomer Classes offer intensive English instruction focused on the needs of non-native English learners.

  7. Teachers and administration really care and understand the needs of students.

  8. Multiple Academic Intervention days built into the calendar to allow for work catch-up, and opportunities to raise grades.

  9. Hands-on, interactive lessons, keeping learning exciting.

  10. A strong traditional of serving families.